Important Phone Numbers

Emergency services

Fire Brigade 118
Police 117
Ambulance 144
Towing Service 140


Saas Fee 027 957 58 59
Saas-Grund 027 957 11 55
Pharmacy 027 957 26 18
Dentist Saas Grund 027 957 30 60

Saas-Fee Elektrotaxis

Taxi Bolero 027 957 70 20
Taxi Anselm 079 220 21 37
Taxi Edelweiss 077 443 73 32


Tourist office 027 958 18 58
Local Police 027 958 11 61
Post Bus 058 454 26 16
Aqua Allalin 027 958 50 60
Slopes Report 027 958 11 02

Dear Guests

Welcome to Saas-Fee!

We kindly ask for your attention in order to familiarize yourself with the following points regarding your apartment or chalet.




Check in / out:

Upon arrival please collect your keys at Allalin Apartments office. Grid N5 – Nr. 35 on the village map (front desk of Hotel Allalin).

You are expected to check out of the apartment and hand back the keys to the reception of the Hotel Allalin before 10 am on your departure day (opening times of the reception is daily from 8 am to 6 pm). Should you leave before 8 am please drop your key into the mail box in the entrance door of the hotel. Lost or not-returned keys will be charged to your credit card.

Apartment Cleaning:

Please report any damages or breakages either found or caused by yourselves.

The kitchen must be left properly cleaned before your departure, this includes dishes, stove, oven (incl. ray) and refrigerator.

Rubbish bags (only use the official orange bags please!) are to be deposited in the nearest „rubbish hut“. Additional bags are at your disposal at the front desk of the Hotel Allalin.

Please also remove the bed sheets and leave them on the dining table together with the bath and kitchen towels.

We ask you to not take skis and boots into the apartments but to leave them in the ski room, which is located on the ground floor in most of the buildings.

Outstanding Payment:

Please settle your bill (if there is an outstanding amount) 3 days before your departure at the reception of the Hotel Allalin. Please notice that credit and debit cards ARE NOT accepted for payment concerning the apartments/chalets.

Ski shuttle: The ski shuttle circulates daily every 20 minutes to the slopes and back, except on Saturday (only line 5). It is for free!

Restaurant Walliserkanne: get a free drink with you first meal if you stay at Allalin Apartments!

Book your ski or snowboard lesson in advance: Snow Sport Schools

Timetables cable ways

Rental: get 10% discount and free ski locker with Cesar Sport

It’s raining or stormy? Have a look at our bad weather activities

Parking in Saas-Fee

Waste disposal in Saas-Fee

What to do in case of fire (aside from “scream and run”)