About the Hotel Allalin

Hotel Allalin has been owned by the Zurbriggen family since 1928. The name Zurbriggen emerged around the year 1200 for the first time and means at the bridge (Zer Briggu)

Pierre-Marie Zurbriggen and Albertina Andenmatten run the hotel in the summertime as “Pension Touristenhaus Allalin”. In winter, the well-known Saas wood carvings were produced in the restaurant of “Pension Touristenhaus Allalin” and then transported down the valley by mule. All men of the Zurbriggen family were also mountain guides. In 1948 Robert and Heinrich Zurbriggen became Biathlon Olympic champions in St.Moritz by winning a god medal.

Gustav Zurbriggen and Hanny Glatt were owners of the Allalin from 1957 to 1977.

In 1977 Tobias Zurbriggen and his wife Sandra Zurbriggen-Pozzi took over the business. They continued the run the somewhat old hotel until 1983, and decided to rebuild the guesthouse and construct a completely new aparthotel. From the old structure of Hotel Allalin, only the restaurant “Walliserkanne” still remains. Of course, many of the hand-carved wooden furniture still bear witness to the turbulent past.

The Hotel Allalin has hosted many personalities including:

General Guisan / Federal Councilor Roger Bovin / Federal Judge Comment / Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga / Carl Zuckmayer / Federal President Heinemann DE / Minister Filbinger DE / General Dr.Hans Speidel DE / Lilo Pulver / Federal President Theodor Heuss DE / Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel / Florian Ast / Renzo Blumental and many athletes of the Ski World Cup / Gaël Garcia Bernal / Giorgio Agamben / Slavoj Žižek and others.

35 years, 4 children, numerous ski tours, “interesting” refurbishments and many valuable guest experiences later, the fourth generation with Sabrina and Eva Zurbriggen took over in 2012. With their two husbands James Schuler and Yohan Brunon, the Hotel Allalin continues in the tradition. Their children Lino, Marlon, Enea and Gina were born between 2013 – 2018. Who knows, maybe the 5th generation at the Allalin?

The mountains are our home. We enjoy exploring nature during our days off; be it on skis, snowboards, touring skis, climbing or hiking. We hope that Saas-Fee with its unique environment will also enchant you and look forward to meeting you!